Disable speed limiter alarm?

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Re: Disable speed limiter alarm?

Post by kapasaki » Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:31 pm

I didn't try Torque, but another one called Car Scanner. That one was able to connect to my car, but using a generic OBD2 CAN protocol (ISO 15765-4 CAN 11bit ID 500 kbaud), after it failed connecting with the Consult III.

My BT adapter is also a cheap one, and version 1.5. I tried both NDS III and II, without success.

My car is the 2017 make, perhaps something has changed in the protocol(s) it's using(?).

I searched a bit for the Consult III Plus, and SW was easy enough to find, but the diagnostic HW is a bit pricey. Even the Chinese copies seem to cost 600+ USD. Taking into consideration the risk of them not working with my car, and even if they did work, then there might not be the setting I was originally looking for (speed limiter)... so, I have think about this. :)

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