Headlight leveling recall

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I got a recall letter from the dealer stating the LED headlight's auto levelling feature may not work under all condition due to the way IPDM - Intelligent Power Distribution Module- is programmed to work. Under some condition The fix will involve code update, to, what I am guessing is the body ECU.

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Hi, can I ask if this fix resolved the issue? Just that I have a 2016 plate Pulsar Tekna (owned since new in June 2016) that the headlights never illuminate the road, they're on but the beam seems to be too high. I've never received a recall letter though.

It started happening just before the car turned 3 years old, so I took it to the dealers (West way Nissan) whilst under warranty, they said the headlight sensor had frozen and replaced it, but it made no difference. When I told them it still wasn't working they looked at it and said that they'd adjusted the headlight aim, but again it didn't work. So at its last service I told them it was still not working and they told me that there was nothing wrong with them. So as another service is due soon I went to a different nearby West way Nissan and they said they would do the light test they do for the MOT, which they came back and said everything was fine and so there's nothing to fix? It's driving me mad now, I have a car that I hate/avoid driving at night. I've even wondered if it was something to do with the optional space saver spare wheel I purchased with the car.

Anyway seeing this I think I might give Nissan a call.
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