Aircon Blows Cold On One Side And Hot On The Other Side

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2015 Pulsar 1.5 dCi 48k miles on the clock.

When the temperature controls are set to minimum on both the left and right hand sides of the car, i.e. 16 centigrade & 16 centigrade, the passenger side blows warm air and the drivers blows cold air.
Unlike many cars there there isn't a "Lo" setting on the temperature controls.

I have checked the actuators and all four that I can see (2 on each side) appear to be working correctly.

My investigations are leading me to suspect the internal air cabin temperature sensor(s) maybe faulty.

I phoned up my local Nissan dealer and they said their parts system only shows a single "Sensor In Car" Part Number: 277203AA0A costing £56 including VAT.

My questions are:
Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Does anyone know where the "Sensor(s) In Car" is / are located?
I assumed there would be two internal temperature sensors, given dual climate control, but the local Nissan dealer says his system only shows one for the car?

Any help advice most welcome!

On a connected note I see that the newer aircon gas used by the Nissan Pulsar R1234yf generally 'leaks' our much quicker (on all models of cars) than the older aircon gas R134a.
Many owners are seeing their gas get so low their aircon becomes ineffective or stops working altogether often in as little as 18 months from new!
I had my aircon gas refilled last year and due to it's ineffectiveness. I have had to have it refilled again this year due to it becoming ineffective again. On both occasions the cost was around £125 per go!
I am now leaving the aircon on all the time as I believe it leaks out much faster when not in use as the seals dry up and allows the gas to leak out faster!

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If you use Facebook I'd recommend joining the Nissan Pulsar C13 Owners Club. It is much more active than this site and most people who originally use this one are now on there.
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Hi Telephonewire

Did you manage to get to the bottom of this? as I am having the exact same problem as of very recently.


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are you able to find out the fix for this issue. i checked for aircon gas. no issues. Seems some other problem
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