Pulsar 2015 reverse camera issue

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I've had problems with my reversing camera since I got the car where it sometimes splits the picture where part of the bottom of the camera displays at the top.
However recently my camera has became dark, even in full day light. It's making reversing onto my drive while looking at the camera display impossible.

What would generally be the cause of this? I can't imagine the fuse, as there is still an image.
And if the camera is faulty, I can't see how to remove the camera and replace it with another.
I've attached 2 images which shows it being dark/black and white. And showing how part of the camera display is positioned at the top when it should be at the bottom.



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I am having the exact same issue. I've not got to the bottom of it yet either but I assume it's a loose connection somewhere. Would also love to know if others have found/resolved this issue.

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I also had the same problem and it disappeared by itself. I noticed that it appears when I close the tailgate harder.
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Does it show reverse and forwards clear when you press the camera knob
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