Clicking noise while breaking from left front tyre

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Dear members I wonder someone could help me my car is. Nissan pulsed reg HF18OPB since I change the wheel bearing 2 weeks ago I got a problem while breaking it’s a clicking noice comes from the front left tyre every time I use breaks my mechanic told me there’s a problem with drive shaft I got from eBay changed still the same problem than another mechanic told me change the bearing and caliper I done them as well but the problem is still there so I already changed the bearing twice caliper twice left cv joint inner & outer top mount and drop link but noise is still there
The noise doesn’t come if I drive or go through bumps but it only comes while breaking after 10/15 minutes of driving one thing I noticed I changed the wheel bearing the noise stopped for 2 hours and than back again kindly someone help me with this issue

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