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peters74 wrote: Sun Feb 11, 2024 5:17 pm Hi everyone
I've had my nissan pulsar fron 2016 never really had any bigger issues with it but today 11/2/2024 I got a warning message on the dashboard saying star/stop error(or failure) but for next few minutes it was driving normally but after that it's starting to shake a bit , luckily I got back home but I'm not driving it to work tomorrow I'll call Nissan garage tomorrow and will see what they say, but my friend got a similar issue just in a Renault Capture 16plate ( it's the same type of DCI engines in Pulsars and Captures I think) he kept driving longer than
I did and 7 different systems started flashing car lost power was shaking & vibrating like crazy at the end 😵‍💫 and it went really bad for him , Renault garage estimated repairs for £2500
Have anyone had the same issue?
I have same problem can you fix it ?

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