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Faults and Technical chat for the Nissan Pulsar
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Touch wood ours seems ok, can pull away straight away, once engines up to temp no problem,did have a new battery about 6 weeks ago. 1.6 teckna

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Nice to know.. maybe changing battery helps ?
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Hi I have a issue where the engine stops push the clutch and engine don’t restart for a 10-15 seconds even when I shut it all down and start normally anyone had this issue?
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Post by kt53 »

Not heard of that variant on the Stop/Start issue. On mine it takes a couple of seconds. Assuming it's under warranty you need to take it back to the dealership to get it sorted. In the meantime I'd disable Stop/Start each time you use the car. Unfortunately there is no way to permanently switch the system off.
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Just purchased a used Nissan Pulsar 2015 1.2 automatic..

Has the following issues-stop start is erratic works when it wants then doesn’t..Does Aircon have to be off?

Air con not cold..only 3 years old..surely not?

Every now & then loses power

Anybody any ideas?
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Stop/Start is erratic and I have still not managed to work out when it will and will not operate. Sorry haven't experienced the other issues so can't comment on those.
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Apparently it’s the battery which may need changing?
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today morning I just took 15 meters without any problem (bought in 2015. 06; 1.2 petrol). Later when my wife wanted to start the car it did not started but got the Stop/start system fault message! Since then the car do not start at all!

Do you have any suggestions what to do?

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Stop/start system error has cropped up on my car, engine management light is permanently on.
I have the 1.6 petrol engine.
The error message comes on after couple mins driving but not having any effect on the car except the engine does not shut off at all as I would expect from stop/start system.

Car booked in for Friday , still under warranty till end of March this year.

Had battery changed 2 months ago under warranty, wonder if issue are connected.
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