Dpf clean-question

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Dpf clean-question

Post by Tomtom » Mon Apr 08, 2019 4:37 am

Do you guys use any DPF cleaners or just take it for a motorway ride? I use my in town a lot and wondered whats the best solution. Also how often do you have to perform DPF clean?(never had a diesel)

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Re: Dpf clean-question

Post by fujikun » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:42 am

hi I have a diesel too, but I do mixed miles maybe more short motorway bursts of about 15 miles, my neighbour is a taxi driver and has a skoda diesel, he once a month drives in third gear on the motorway with the revs high for 20 to 30 mins and has had no bother. doesn't use cleaner.

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