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Newly registered

Post by Spglish » Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:57 pm

Had my 1.2 manual petrol 2017 plate Pulsar for eighteen months. Used this forum several times but never bothered to register until now, hence the new user entry. My real name is Paul.

I am curious about fuel consumption. When I first got it and driving on country roads, always within the speed limit, and short journeys I was getting around 32 mpg. Never better than than 39. Now after 10,000 miles the best is 52 and I typically get 45ish. Maybe it needed running in! Yes that is correct, only 10,000 miles in eighteen months. So I am old and retired, when I worked I did 20k per annum just commuting. Life is much slower now.

I like the Car but would prefer a 1.6 and a more responsive gear box, and how come there is no grab handle above the the drivers door? Maybe I am just spoiled my previous two cars were Land Rover and Audi A6. I do appreciate the quality and price differences so I am not complaining just wishing.

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Re: Newly registered

Post by kt53 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:31 pm

My fuel economy has always been better than the low figures you quote. However, after the last service in November last year I noticed a marked improvement in fuel economy. I get close to 40 mpg on short runs into town (about 3 miles), and high 40's otherwise. Best genuine figure I've had was mid 50s on a 100 mile round trip, although I did get over 70 on one journey, but that was from a pub on the top of a hill and it was literally downhill all the way home.

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