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Hi all,

I quite like the look of the Nissan Pulsar and I'm really impressed by its super-cheap running costs.

I'm currently looking at buying a 2015 1.5 dCi Tecna model with all optional extras added. It has 107,000 miles on the clock. According to MOT records, no failures since 2018, and in those 5 years it's been driven 12,000 miles in total. It's had 2 owners so far.

What would you advise I should look out for? The ad doesn't mention anything about what parts he has replaced (if any) or the service history.

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Post by kt53 »

I'm not aware of any particular issues with the 1.5. The timing belt needs to be replaced periodically. You'll get more response on the Facebook group "Nissan Pulsar C13 Owners Club" which is where most former members of this group migrated to.
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