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Pulsar 1.5 DCi Turbo

Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2023 3:46 pm
by mbe350
Hi All,

I am in the process of trying to remove the turbo from a 2015 1.5 DCi Pulsar.

There are two bolts on the underside of the turbo to exhaust manifold which can't be reached from the top or bottom.

I can't find much Pulsar related info for this engine online, or even a workshop manual - closest I could find was a Qashqai J11 workshop manual, also with the K9K engine.

I guess I am wanting to confirm the procedure for turbo removal on a 2015 1.5 DCi Pulsar - and if it requires dropping the front suspension subframe completely to remove the DPF which is blocking access to the 2 bolts?

I can't see another way around it, but perhaps someone here has experience and can confirm? Before I start a lot more work removing things, which might not be needed.


Re: Pulsar 1.5 DCi Turbo

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2023 2:40 pm
by mbe350
Just an update in case anyone is searching this in the future. You can remove the turbo without dropping the subframe, pulling drive shafts etc.

Access from the top is very tight, but remove the wipers, scuttle panel, wiper linkage, metal bolt on plate etc. to improve access. Obviously you'll need to disconnect a number of pipes, sensors, heat shields, brackets and so on which are in your way.

The nut for turbo to manifold access from below requires unbolting the DPF from the exhaust front pipe and EGR. Unmount the exhaust off its rubbers so you can push it back a bit, which will allow you to wiggle and manoeuvre the DPF to the right so you can see up to the nut. I tried with a 1/2" socket & bars but it was too heavy to work with in that position and would not stay on the nut. It comes off with 1/4" ratchet, a few longish bars and a universal joint just before the 10mm socket.

If anyone lands on this after a search in the future and needs anymore assistance if doing it themselves, drop me a PM and I can go into some further detail if needed.

It is undoubtedly a PITA job, particularly on axel stands, but achievable - and I suspect easier if I had someone to tell me the things I know now after having done the job!