EGR issues. 1.5dci

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Post by ascendingrocks » Wed May 11, 2022 7:05 am

Bought 67 plate Pulsar 1.5dci last year with 10k on the clock. 2 weeks in and EML was on for EGR flow. Had 2 new EGR valves, carbon clean done and intake maniford cleaned too. 10 months down the line and the fault is back - P0409
Car has never skipped a beat regards driving, no loss of power, no smoke or rough idle. No symptoms apart EML.
So my local garage suggested new EGR valve which I refused. Nissan dealerhip hasn't kept the record of my fault codes and said it will be clogged up again as they make narrow pipes these days!!
So far I've done 17 thousand miles in less than a year so I do drive a fair bit and car does get to warm up.
My mate checked some electrics without taking car apart etc. And we're just baffled.
I refuse to go down the rabbit hole and spend all my money for not knowing what needs fixing so have opted for an EGR delete.
Booked in on Tuesday to get the ECU sorted and a remap as well (hoping to drive the car for a good few years).

I would prefer to put a blanking plate as well but looking at options there are a few different plates that could fit.
I don't know much about cars but not afraid to have a look.

Has anyone managed to fit a blanking plate on newer Pulsar and how easy/hard was it to do?
Aiming to get it done at the garage but want to get the blanking plate right.

Many thanks

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