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P0365 - Camshaft position sensor

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 9:53 pm
by Yoclick

Got a 2015 Pulsar 1.2 Petrol. I have an intermittent EML and codes are P0365 Camshaft Position Sensor B, and P0014 Camshaft Position Actuator Exhaust.

I changed the Camshaft Position Sensor but light still intermittently popping up.

1) Can someone confirm exhaust camshaft sensor is the one on the front of the engine? It seems like it's the front one given the airbox seems to be routed to the back of engine but want to confirm.

2) I used a cheap sensor as it was the only one available from the motor factors. Could it be a faulty cheap sensor causing the problem? I can get a Delphi one I could replace it with but don't want to sink extra money into sensors if that's not the issue.

3) Any other thoughts on potential issue? Believe these engines are effectively variable timing so potentially the Camshaft Actuator? Presume there are two, one for inlet and one for exhaust so potentially could replace the exhaust side.


Re: P0365 - Camshaft position sensor

Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2022 9:30 am
by kt53
If you are on Facebook you will get a quicker response here 'Nissan Pulsar C13 Owners Club' Most of the people who were previously active on this forum have moved over to there.