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Post by Ellaye » Fri Nov 05, 2021 8:35 pm

Hi everyone,

When I had my Pulsar serviced, they did a software update to my Nissan Connect. Prior to this I listened to music in the car by connecting my phone to the USB cable. Since the update it will only connect via Bluetooth and there is no option to change it back to the USB cable 🙁. I prefer to use the cable connection for a number of reasons! I get the menu of all my music on the screen and it charges my phone while it’s connected, whereas the Bluetooth volume is SO quiet I have to turn it up to full volume!!!!
So what I would like to know is does anyone know how I can get it back so that I can listen via the cable? I guess the obvious answer is to turn off Bluetooth but I want my phone connected that way for calls while I’m in the car. I could do this before and it didn’t mean I had to use Bluetooth for music.
Any help gratefully received.

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